February 12, 2012

Chicken Pozole my way...

Living in Southern California you can't help but learn a few south of the border recipes!  I like to add my own twist to long time favorites.  Posole or Pozole, is a stew with pork or chicken that is great on a cool day!  Traditionally its made around the holiday season, but this light soup is great any time of the year.  You can use shredded pork or chicken.  When using chicken you are supposed to have bone in types but it grosses me out so I use boneless chicken breast and add chicken base for flavor.

Chicken Pozole My Way
1 large can of Hominy
1 small can red chile sauce
1 mini can of diced green chiles
2 Tbsp chicken base
2 chicken breasts

for garnish:
cabbage, cilantro, lemon juice, radishes, jalapeno's

 boil chicken breast
 Rinse and chop garnish
 remove chicken and strain broth
 add chicken base and strained chicken stock back to pot
 Then add red chile sauce, green chiles, and hominy

 Shred and add chicken, then simmer for 20 min

 I like mine with lots of fresh squeezed lemon and cabbage


SoCal Tess said...

This looks AMAZING!! One of my favorite dishes! I'm a new BloggyMoms follower and look forward to your future posts.