March 15, 2012

Love for Lemons...

Recently our neighbor brought over a huge bag of lemons for us to have.  I LOVE lemons, however you can only do so much with them.  OR so I thought!  Now I've got a whole new love for lemons!


Of course you need to make lemonade!  Its actually only the 2nd time I've made homemade lemonade!  Turned out pretty good and I recommend using simple syrup instead of plain sugar.

So now I've made lemonade now what???  Then it came to me...
I got some daffodills on sale at the store and left them to sit wondering what I would do with them!

I've seen it done before so I did it!  I used an old pickle jar and sliced the lemons really thick.  WOW it was fun!  I felt a little Martha Stewart-ish!! 

Well what else can you do with lemons?
Lately I've been going through some bodily changes and getting a little acne.  Strange since I never had a zit in high school or beyond!  So I googled "natural remedies for pimples" and found out some interesting stuff.  Did you know that pimples are bacteria and contrary to belief are not caused by oily foods or chocolate but can be stress related!  Well DUH!  My chin is a stress buster!!  And they hurt!  Anyway back to the google search, there were all kinds of homemade remedies but the one similarity they all had was lemon juice as the base!  SO I sliced myself a lemon and grabbed a cotton ball.  Needless to say to my surprise I'm seeing a difference!
Who knew!

What will you do when life gives you lemons??

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Vic said...

This is so ironically funny because lemons have been on my mind. We use them to clean the blades on the slicers at work and they smell so much better than meat turd.....needless to say, i wanted to bring some home to freshen up the house because although i use a lot of smelly stuff it doesn't amount to the freshness a lemon gives us! i may have to use these on M's face since the proactiv is taking forever in shipment:) thanks pretty mama...and the floral arrangement is genius!! xo