April 26, 2011

Whale watching....

I absolutely LOVE this sort of thing!  One of the perks of living in California, kinda makes you forget for just a minute about all the insane traffic and crazy peeps! 

This was our second time going whale watching, the first we saw nothing so Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale watching was kind enough to give everyone their tickets back to try again another day!  I love them and will FOR SURE be cruising with them many more times to come!  Follow their Facebook Page for great pics, specials and updates!

This time we still saw no whales but got to experience a few pods of dolphin!  It was incredible!  I've never seen SO many in one spot!  The captain was awesome and got us right in the middle of them!  I LOVE dolphins so I was in awe and the kids were amazed at how neat these creatures were.  Unfortunately I am down to only one BUCKET of a camera so the pics weren't that spectacular.  OK OK I'll get to them next!

 This was the boat we went on.

 Dolphins playing in our wake
 I wish you could see more but this was when we were in the middle of the pod.

 Can you find the dolphins jumping?
Finally I caught one!

I wish I had a better camera but I'm saving up for one SOON!  If you ever get a chance to go whale watching DO IT!  Even if you don't see anything the serenity of being out on the water was enough for me.  Away from land, cell phones, computers for a while.

Thanks Dana Wharf for being so awesome and affordable!


Kathy said...

What fun! What a great family experince, glad you got to see the dolphins, that must have been such a thrill. Thanks for the great post and pictures!

Casey Martinez said...

Honestly, I have always wanted to do this but, I get SOOO sick on boats, planes etc. so I don't know that I ever will. So, that being said, thanks for the pictures so I can enjoy it through your lens!! Looks like fun!

Ember said...

Sorry to hear that you get sick Casey. Glad you can enjoy the pics. =)

Kathy it was awesome!

OCean Adventures said...
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OCean Adventures said...

Sounds like a blast, thanks Ember for sharing your trip . next time we will tell the Whales to come out for you ! Thanks again from your friends at Dana Wharf and the Ocean Adventure

Free2bMommy said...

Looks fun girlie!! Love that you were able to get some great shots!


Dreaming life Cathy said...

I'm miss California!!!!! I wish I was there! How exciting! Thanks Cathy